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I wait and hold on for a word
I wait and hold on for a word
A blessed word, anything.
When I call your name you dont look at me
Is my hope for you insane
We muddle through our days and nights.
You reach for me,  so I think there's hope
I tell myself theres hope.
But diagnosis hangs so heavy.
Love is here, and for me its enough.
Because I love you beyond the absolute of oblivion.
I will be the first snake to eat my face
Before you, I love no one, but you.
As I stand its better and worse than a marriage.
Because this is forever,
and when I die there will be no one for you.
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Doll face
Bleed for me baby, and then some more.
I know you,
Its you, you I love.
Love me doll face,  I love you too.
Come on baby spread your vein,
or your legs OK.  
I need some pain.
Spread your face, even though your
smile looks insane.  
Did you cut it youself.
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ghost by RachelGhostheart ghost :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 0 0 Tri Colour by RachelGhostheart Tri Colour :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 2 2 Magic of Autum by RachelGhostheart Magic of Autum :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 8 1 Prometheus stealing the fire by RachelGhostheart Prometheus stealing the fire :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 5 0 pure king by RachelGhostheart pure king :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 1 0
Pitter Patter
Pitter, patter, or is it softly spatter.
Slowly, quickly, draining me.
Spitter, spatter, making red ruins on my floor .
Life has slowed me down right now.
I ignore the beating on my door.
I made no phone call, no note
So I can just ignore the bass tempo on my door
Splutter, then splatter my veins must be sore
why cant they just pour.
Pitter, patter
how my veins do splutter
why cant it be faster.
I thought I'd be dying, not a wedge to my door.
They are shouting my name and trying to push through.
I'm not sure what my body can  do.
I wanted to be gone, before they were here.
Pitter, patter,  I try to remember my name
I shout them to run away,
I did this to myself because I didn't have a gun.
I know I'll turn into one.
The bite I cant take it back.
But I can make my death my own.
I shout run, then run again.
I hope they hear, because I can only hear
pitter, patter, as my veins let my blood
spatter spatter.
And instead of being dead,  I hunger again
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Haloween pick your side? by RachelGhostheart Haloween pick your side? :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 1 0 Pure Morning by RachelGhostheart Pure Morning :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 0 0
See me
Disappointment is my raiment when you look at me.
You wrinkle your nose when I walk in.
I am clean and polished but not wearing this months fashion accessory.
I cant be ashamed
Because by wearing my old coat, my daughter wears a new one.
She has shiny boots and attends after school clubs.
Pretty and polished is she,  but still you find the time to judge me.
You lie to others about what I am doing.
It's sad you don't know what I'm doing with my time.
If you asked maybe you'd have something to say.
Rather than the lies you peddle.
I am not a solicitor,  a lawyer, a vet,  or even a marine biologist.
Those were just my childhood dreams.
Or were they yours
I don't know anymore.  
Stop telling these people these things.
I am just me.
You've seen what I've done.
You know what I am.
Your my mother
How can you judge me on the cut of my suit?
:iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 3 2
MERMAID N' ROSES by RachelGhostheart MERMAID N' ROSES :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 2 0 Death becoming.more death by RachelGhostheart Death becoming.more death :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 2 3 halloween by RachelGhostheart halloween :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 1 0 Shadow of king Neptune by RachelGhostheart Shadow of king Neptune :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 2 0 The offering by RachelGhostheart The offering :iconrachelghostheart:RachelGhostheart 6 2


Skyrim, Assasins creed, Newcastle united by ArtByKONeill Skyrim, Assasins creed, Newcastle united :iconartbykoneill:ArtByKONeill 8 0 For the 4 fallen heroes by ArtByKONeill For the 4 fallen heroes :iconartbykoneill:ArtByKONeill 25 7 Room on the broom/ Gruffalo xx by ArtByKONeill Room on the broom/ Gruffalo xx :iconartbykoneill:ArtByKONeill 2 0 Patriotic (4th instalment) by ArtByKONeill Patriotic (4th instalment) :iconartbykoneill:ArtByKONeill 1 0
A Fool's Faded Memory
Everything is a hoax – nothing is real
We all told a joke – on the modern world
Trust is just a word written on paper.
To be read or said in jest ;
But never taken, in seriousness
While the truth is seen better in faces,
Of the freshly betrayed and newly duped
Tete-a-tete exchanges favor forever -
The pathological liar,
He or she, whoever they may be ; loves your naivete,
Against all conceptions, of fairness
Their pants aren't ever, on fire.
Though those trusting, reddening faces,
Might burn with shame in cases
If we are raised to cry as a nation
(perpetual children, whose teeth came in too early)
Not out of pity for the trusting;
But like a siren demanding attention
I ask with concern, and nervousness
Where will we be when trust, in reality -
Is just a fool's faded memory
:icondefinitivecontent:DefinitiveContent 4 9
slim shady commission by ArtByKONeill slim shady commission :iconartbykoneill:ArtByKONeill 3 2 Bacon woods Gorhambury by Spedding-Stock Bacon woods Gorhambury :iconspedding-stock:Spedding-Stock 7 0 Howl and Sophie by Darey-Dawn Howl and Sophie :icondarey-dawn:Darey-Dawn 6,505 831 imavampire2 by SIIINS imavampire2 :iconsiiins:SIIINS 820 53
Love hurts
I couldn't cry,
No matter how hard I try...
You stopped when I just started to move,
I want more than what you asked me to do.
Why can't you stay with me forever?
We could always enjoy love together...
I won't make your life a living hell,
There are so many things that I need to tell...
:iconpupucachi:pupucachi 4 17
epidemia  de melancolia again by tonysandoval epidemia de melancolia again :icontonysandoval:tonysandoval 2,242 386 Fairy tales by labirynt Fairy tales :iconlabirynt:labirynt 1,734 156
Lord Malice
The halls are as black as the tar in my lungs,
paint chips off my bloodied face.
The punches came and went, came and went;
with a friendship of feet as well.
My clothes were ripped, my skin,
torn from my chest, my pride,
pissed on my faith, my soul,
severed from breast; my life?
The air I breathed became a curse
by God himself, against my will.
It was simply keeping me alive,
These minions, they are His.
These children, they are His,
who came at me with knives in the dark,
who beat me down,
mercilessly, who tortured me  
with humanity, who reminded me,
of this heart.
He laughs and he watches,
as I crumble and fall.
An oblong Christ, drunk
atop his cyclopean wall.
He laughs and he watches,
his infants eat from my flesh,
and when his image was gone,
I stood and swore my revenge.
I will tear down Your temple, Your bodies
will be stone and hearts will spite no one.
I will set fire to the air, set prices for souls,
keep them in darkness until mine is returned.
I am not a thief
I a
:iconomega-prince:Omega-Prince 1 1
lilac and leopard spots by zombiebastard17 lilac and leopard spots :iconzombiebastard17:zombiebastard17 3 2 Taste the Unexpected by FrancescaBaerald Taste the Unexpected :iconfrancescabaerald:FrancescaBaerald 185 114


My life has changed so much from my last jounal entry.  Now so many things I loved in my life are harder or impossible. My youngest son is severly autistic,  my journal entries will now be slower as he needs so much time and now I don't have much time/any time for me. I still love all your art and looking at, when I get the chance. To everyone who posts a picture,or literature please carry on.  I love looking at your art even though I can't spend much time /commenting on yours/doing my own. I love looking at yours,  I sorry I cant always can't comment at yours.


RachelGhostheart's Profile Picture
Rachel O'Neill
United Kingdom
This is a family account.
There is me ' The Mrs ' I like horror macabre art and stories as well as darkfairy tales. I am learning about the painting side of things as I go.
Most of the visual art on this account has been dreated by Mr O'Neill. Who I guess you can describe as more of a fantasy type artist.



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